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Spam Emails Claiming to Contain an Invoice Statement

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Spam Emails Claiming to Contain an Invoice Statement

It has come to our attention that a significant amount of spam emails, claiming to contain an invoice statement, have been going around. The invoice statement  is attached as a .zip or .exe file and when opened the file attempts to infect the system with a virus known as Cryptolocker. This virus is very dangerous and can affect all files that you have access to.

INFECTION INCLUDES and are not limited to any Network Drives, Shared Drives, Drop Box Connections and drives, USP Thumb drives and external drives that are connected to the computer that becomes infected.  The files (which also can be Word, Excel, and picture files (.jpg) ) are no longer usable after infection!!

This is an important reminder to be vigilant when accessing your email, especially email attachments. If you have any doubts about the email and/or attachment you should contact and confirm with the individual or company that sent you the email before opening it.

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