IT Support Plans

IT Support Plans – also known as IT Managed Services — help your business run smoothly so you can focus on your priorities. We prevent costly failures and downtime through proactive maintenance of the technology that your business relies on. We quickly respond to your staff’s day-to-day technical needs to keep your staff happy and productive, and not stressed out with technical issues.

Each support contract is tailored to your needs with a flat-rate,
predictable monthly cost.

Day-to-day helpdesk support for employees

At home, at work, on the go

  • Top-priority response time
  • 24x7x365 expert support from certified engineers
  • All infrastructure and all devices — servers, computers, printers, smart phones, etc.
  • Diagnosing and repairing workstations / hardware / software issues
  • Server and network support
  • Disaster recover and emergency data recovery
  • Unlimited phone support and remote support; on-site support as needed

Proactive software updates and monitoring to keep your business up and running

We check, so you don’t have to…

  • Regular monitoring of critical systems, capacity of your servers, performance of your system overall
  • Regular monitoring of back-ups to ensure they are running properly and that we will be able to recover your data if there is an emergency
  • Software updates and patches (e.g. updating antivirus software, Microsoft Windows, software security patches, service packs, etc.)
  • Server maintenance (updates & cleanup)
  • Planning ahead for new needs and future growth to avoid problems

Managing new employee set-up so they can immediately get to work

Security starts here …

  • New workstation setup
  • Creating new users
  • Install user-specific software
  • Setting up security groups and thresholds
  • Disabling outdated user accounts and passwords
  • Removing outdated user accounts once transfer of data is complete